Ship Your Packages in Minutes

Quickly and seamlessly create labels for your packages.

Personalize your shipping labels, customer notifications, and more to offer a unique, branded experience.

Shipping labels and packing slips

Choose from a variety of packing slips and label formats that fit how you work

Branded tracking pages

Customize your tracking pages to build the right brand experience for your customers

Shipping notification emails

Send branded shipment emails that tell your story

A smart shipping platform

Save time on label creation by processing orders based on history, rules, and preferences

B2C Shipping

Shipping parcels to customers

  • Door to door delivery
    Parcel-level handling. We process every parcel in our warehouse.
  • B2C customs declaration
  • Consolidation and drop-offs available at our warehouse.

B2B Shipping

Bulk shipping to businesses

Inventory restocking/store deliveries

  • Pallet/bag/box-level handling. We process shipments at bulk-level
  • B2C customs declaration
  • Consolidation and drop-offs available at our warehouse.

International Cross-Border Shipping with M3 International

We go the extra mile to ensure smooth international deliveries for every shipper. With a trusted partner like M3 , you don’t have to worry about your international shipment departing from anywhere. Let us settle your logistics while you bring your business to good highs

1. Customized Logistics Solutions

We offer a suite of intra-SEA cross-border services and are flexible in catering to the unique needs of your business. We understand that cross-border logistics across Southeast Asia might be confusing and new to you, but we are here to help! We would love to find out your requirements in shipping parcels out of Singapore, and are happy to partner with you to serve the needs of your business

2. Tech-Enabled Cross-border services

We can integrate with your system and send timely status updates of your parcels through API. The process is real-time and seamless. You do not have to wait for manual updates or do any guessing work. We also have automated notifications for your customers during last mile delivery, keeping them updated via their preferred channel.

3. Dedicated Account Management

Cross-border services can be complicated and hence, we believe in supporting you every step of the way. At M3 International, we have dedicated local account managers in Panama who can help answer your doubts and keep your parcels to the customer’s hand safe and sound, and to enabling a pleasant shipping experience.

4. Value-Added Services for shipping

Services such as returns are becoming increasingly important for retailers, and we can support customer return services in many of our coverage countries. Speak to us today to find out more and discover the best solution for your business needs! Other value-added services include quality-checks and consolidation

What CAN YOU do with M3 Intl?

Manage customers, communications, apps, shipments

and customs filing using one interoperable UI platform and developer API.


Since 2012 M3 International Logistics is bringing businesses closer to their customers by making shipping effortless.

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